Juniata Builds Play from Ground Up

By Jill Palmer Starting Feb. 16, the Suzanne von Liebig Theatre will be hosting SciFi: An Epic Devised Theatrical Experiment with Music, produced by Theatre Arts professor Neal Utterback. This play is inspired by the summer reading novel Station Eleven and put together entirely by student volunteers. The […]

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, In recent decades, we have seen a greater shift into a technological age. Where we have thrived with innovations like iPhones, laptops, GPS-enabled fitness watches and Google glasses, we have also entered an online age. Missing a required textbook? Buy it online. Hungry for some pizza? […]

Passion outweighs promiscuity

by Nathan Dreicher In her editorial “Let’s talk about sex, baby; let’s talk about slut shaming,” in the last issue of the Juniatian, Julia Wagner lamented the prevalence of slut shaming and that women are walking a tightrope between being a slut and being a prude. She argued we […]