Film Buffs Club Reels In

By Jill Palmer Do you love old movies? Does the idea of getting together with a group of like-minded peers appeal to you? This year, Juniata has a brand new club for movie aficionados: the Film Buffs, where members come together to appreciate films of bygone days and […]

Eurythmy at Juniata College

By Mary Boggs Eurythmy, a form of movement art, will now be taught by Juniata orchestra professor Rebecca O’Brien in Halbritter on Wednesdays. O’Brien defines eurythmy as “harmonious movement and rhythm. It’s thinking about what would require a person to move harmoniously through the world.” Rather than teaching […]

Ceramic Studio Builds New Kiln

By Brendan Foster After years without one, Juniata College Ceramic Studio students are finally building a new wood-fired kiln, opening up new possibilities and challenges for their art. The kiln, located behind BAC, started as an idea in 2013 after the previous kiln was torn down to make room for […]

Get Out (2017) – Movie Review

By Brendan Foster “I don’t trust white people anymore.” That was my Puerto Rican friend’s reaction to comedian Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out, a horror movie about anti-black racism and the many harmless and less-than-harmless forms it takes in everyday life. It’s one of the most unique […]