Editorial: Micro Aggressions

by The Juniatian Editorial Board Hearing comments like “You are so pretty!” or “You speak very articulately” can be wonderful compliments for anyone to hear, but when those same comments get stated as “You are so pretty…for a black girl!” or “You speak so articulately…for a black person”, […]

Change at Juniata

by Conor Dimond Change is something inevitable, something that we all must strive to make the best of and continue to embrace. It is necessary that we keep moving rather than remain sedentary in our ideals and beliefs. In order to understand the world around us we need […]

Focus on engineering as demand rises

by Klaus-Peter Profus Faculty and students in Juniata’s physics department are interviewing candidates for an additional full-time position this spring semester. Because the demand for engineering physics has risen, the department is looking to enhance their abilities in the field. “When Jamie White, who is the department head […]