PACS Class travels to Ferguson, Missouri for event
by Taylor Smallwood

Organizing for Social Change, a Peace and Conflict Studies class, recently flew to Ferguson, Mo. for an event held by The Truth Telling Project to raise awareness of current racial injustices. (Continue reading…)


New courses come to Juniata
by Liam Benfer

In the spring semester, students have the opportunity to enroll in classes that were not previously offered at Juniata. New classes will be offered in the politics, geology, philosophy, biology and peace and conflict studies departments. (Continue reading…)


Branding study identifies pros and cons of Juniata
by Laura Snyder

Juniata College hired the agency Cognitive Marketing to conduct a branding study from October 2015 to January 2016. This study will reveal the College’s strongest and weakest attributes and strategies for marketing itself to prospective students, donors and organizations. (Continue reading…)


Writing Center lengthens hours and increases stats
by Klaus-Peter Profus

Juniata’s Writing Center has lengthened its hours and increased its staff to reduce waiting times and to offer individualized assistance for students. Appointment-based tutoring outside official hours will also be offered in the spring. (Continue reading…)


Amigos de Guanin Changes
by Beth Hamme

Amigos de Guanin’s event has been changed from being a fashion show and meal, to a talent show and meal, which will take place on November 21, in Baker Refectory at 7 pm. (Continue reading…)


Huntingdon’s own trolley line
by Stephen D. Lane

Imagine yourself 100 years ago as a freshman student. You have just taken a long train ride from home on a warm, fall September day. You hear the conductor call out, “Discharge for Huntingdon Station!” As you step off of the train, you are greeted by a friendly “watch your step” from the conductor in a black uniform with a shiny hat badge. You are now walking on ground that is the farthest you’ve ever been from home. (Continue reading…)

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