Opinion & Editorial

Issue 4 Editorial
by Editorial Board

Growing up I was constantly bombarded with questions and comments regarding my weight or the way my body looked. At first, I only thought of them as the annoying comments I heard at every family gathering, but as I matured I realized those minute sayings were not quite as minute. They were actually a detrimental form of skinny-shaming. (Continue reading…)

POE system at Juniata
by Connor Dimond

With the spring semester quickly approaching and student registration starting, it is important that students, especially freshmen, start thinking about the benefits Juniata’s POE system presents. Fall semester is often the time that many students consider rethinking their POE path and their class choices in general. Although these changes can be really stressful, they still help Juniata students follow in the footsteps of the motto of “Think, Evolve, Act.” (Continue reading…)


by Erin Gaines

He believes. She believes. They believe. Our opinions and our views are held tightly. We call for ears to listen, for someone to see our side, for anyone to agree. (Continue reading…)

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