Campus Spin


Humans of Juniata: Zeph Turner by Jamie Mistretta

“I think that I am one of the few gender-queer people that others have met in this school. It’s actually kind of a point of pride for me, in that I think that we don’t have a very visible queer community, especially transgender students. I think that a lot of people are curious about that. That’s just one of the things that I think makes me unusual in the community.” (Continue reading…)

Self confidence in college, a journey through students’ eyes by Lillian Stroup

I found myself on top of a mountain on Friday, metaphorically and literally. I had gone for a drive and found myself on a trail leading up to an overlook. Once I got there, I felt more confident than ever before that I could make it through whatever obstacles I came across. (Continue reading…)

Prices Placed on Students’ Heads at Yearly Freshman Slave Auction
by Piper McGonigle

“It was the first slave auction I had ever attended and I must say it was a greater display of horror and vileness than I had ever dreamed possible. (Continue reading…)

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