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Examining the Support Behind Bernie Sanders

By Brendan Foster Although many in the Democratic Party doubted the electability of a self-declared democratic socialist, former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is experiencing enormous popularity alongside several socialist organizations. In fact, not only is Sanders experiencing massive popularity, he is the most popular politician in America: a […]

Juniata Voices Silenced?

By Toby Hollertz College campuses are currently accused harboring safe spaces and violating free speech. Various campuses around the country have declined speakers for being too extreme. Juniata College, being in the middle of nowhere, is far-removed from most outside influences. This has allowed most of the political […]

Film Buffs Club Reels In

By Jill Palmer Do you love old movies? Does the idea of getting together with a group of like-minded peers appeal to you? This year, Juniata has a brand new club for movie aficionados: the Film Buffs, where members come together to appreciate films of bygone days and […]