Letter from the Editor: Importance of Student News


Alyssa Fasolo

Hello, Juniatians!  I hope this most recent “letter from the editor” finds you well and surviving the fall semester.  We on the staff of the New Juniatian have been working hard since our return to campus this fall to bring to Juniata the one thing I feel we have lost in the past two years: a student voice.

In my opinion, student input is important on any college campus, but at a small, liberal arts school, I believe it is essential.  The beauty of the tiny college community that we call our own is just that: it’s ours.  We have the unique opportunity to become well acquainted with not only one another, but also our professors, the college staff and the school as a whole.  Here at Juniata, we have a chance to be heard as a community, as a student body or as individuals, and we have the power to choose.

With the decline of the printed newspaper as a well utilized medium in recent years, I feel that college campuses especially have been hit hard with the absence of student voice.  Students have found numerous ways to express themselves through speeches, protests, displays, demonstrations and other things of the like, but I truly feel that nothing compares to the written word.  The ability to organize our thoughts into well-constructed articles that can be read by all members of the college community is priceless, and the chance to express our thoughts on the events taking place in the world around us is second to none.

I believe the college community has taken steps in the right direction by recognizing the absence of a student voice on campus.  We have combated this issue by encouraging students to find ways to get their voice out there, and, primarily, with this new student publication that we are proud to call our own.  However, the bottom line is, this issue of not having enough student voice here at Juniata can only be solved with one group of people: the students.  We have been given the resources to make ourselves heard, but it is now up to the students to put their words into writing and get their opinions down on paper.

I am looking forward to witnessing the transformation of the student news outlet during the rest of this semester and the many semesters to come, and I am looking forward to you all making yourselves a part of it.

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