Humans of Juniata: Charles David Peterson

By Emily Dowler

Meet Charles David Peterson, aka “Grill Master.” Charles has worked for Sodexo on campus since 2009, but nowadays he can typically be found at Flame in Eagles Landing.

“I practically live here,” he said.

Charles is a resident of Huntingdon and recommends the Thousand Steps to students looking for something to do in Huntingdon or off-campus on a weekend. He calls the Peace Chapel, the cliffs, the Thousand Steps and Standing Stone Coffee Company “Huntingdon’s treasures.”

Charles admits that breaded raviolis are his guilty pleasure menu item, though chicken tenders are his go-to item. He recommends students check out the Late Night Flame menu. After 8 PM, “Late Night Flame has an appetizer combo that lets you pick three items and gives you more variety,” he said.

Though he says he has “been here long enough that everything is easy to make and no orders are more annoying than others,” Charles still laughs every time a student orders “a cheeseburger, with no cheese” and says it remains the craziest thing someone has ordered from Flame.

Charles raves about the “variety of people” he works with and applauds Juniata on how “well-maintained its campus is.” He also enjoys talking with students and said it “makes [him] feel good that they want to know a little more about [him].” It is his favorite part about Juniata students and his workplace.

Charles feels the most interesting thing about him is his decision to go by his middle name, David. He says “there are a bunch of us with the same first name” in his family, so he went by David growing up.

One thing Charles wants to clarify is that “Eagles Landing is no longer ‘Muddy.’ The name changed a long time ago.” He says students get confused by the name “Eagles Landing” because it used to be “Muddy Run” and even call Eagles Landing “Muddy” when they bring tour groups through.

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