New Juniatian - Fall 2017

Election Day: Go Vote!

votingBy Jackson Hoch

Tomorrow between 7am and 8pm at Stone Church there will be voting for judicial candidates for the PA Supreme Court, the PA Superior Court, and the PA Commonwealth Court. First time voters will need to bring some form of valid ID such as a Driver’s License or School ID. A voting guide for candidates released by the Nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania can be found here.The guide includes backgrounds and questions answered by candidates for all Courts being voted on tomorrow.

Every person who is registered in Huntingdon Country is allowed to vote in this election. If students aren’t registered in PA already it will unfortunately be late to vote during this election but not the next. Students can register to vote in PA here.

The ballot will list the parties of candidate’s and it will also have a straight party voting option. The straight party option means that you would vote for every candidate in the Party you marked until marked otherwise. Every choice up to the different option though will be for the Party that you would choose, every other bubble after the change will be accounted for individually. If you were to leave boxes blank after the change then the party marked off for the straight party option would receive the rest of a person’s votes. If you are considering voting straight party and would need more clarification, then election day assistants would be willing to help.

Dr. Dennis Plane, the Department Chair for the Politics Department at Juniata College said, “I don’t anticipate that there will be a line and voting, shouldn’t take much more than fifteen minutes from start to finish. People should vote because voting is a fundamental part of our democracy, it makes a big difference who the office holders are because it has a direct impact on students and faculty.”

Judges interpret state laws and what those laws mean. Plane also added that, “this election will have more of a direct impact on students at Juniata than the Presidential Election.” Since the majority of candidates are contesting for PA Justices of the Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Court’s their decisions will have more of effect on our day to day lives.

A sample ballot, which looks just like the ballot that will be used tomorrow, can be found here. You are allowed to fill it out in advance and to bring it with you when you are filling out the ballot. Make sure to plan ahead and schedule time for voting. It won’t take very long and you will be helping to contribute to the future of Juniata, Huntingdon, and Pennsylvania. Go vote!


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