New Juniatian - Spring 2017

Film Buffs Club Reels In

By Jill Palmer

Do you love old movies? Does the idea of getting together with a group of like-minded peers appeal to you? This year, Juniata has a brand new club for movie aficionados: the Film Buffs, where members come together to appreciate films of bygone days and socialize with other appreciators of old films.

Supervised by history professor Belle Tuten, the Film Buffs club is always accepting new members. The club holds meetings almost every Friday in Founders 420 at 6:30PM.

The Film Buffs are currently a very small club not yet well known on Juniata’s campus, but they are looking to change that.

“We have about 10 members total right now, including the officers, however we welcome anyone to join us!” said sophomore Allison “Rizzo” Rismondo, president of the Film Buffs.

Members are encouraged to bring interested friends along if they wish. The Film Buffs are always eager for a chance to see their club grow larger and become more of a presence on campus.

Club members of the Film Buffs get involved in order to spend Friday nights watching a good movie with new friends.

“I am passionate about this club because we all get to relax and have fun,” said sophomore Joanna Shin, treasurer for the Film Buffs.

For this newly formed club, meetings are very casual. Members often make commentary on the movies they watch and socialize with one another while viewing, without disrupting others watching the film. It is a very laid back and friendly atmosphere.

The Film Buffs club mainly views older films, such as The Phantom of the Opera and It’s a Wonderful Life. The name “Film Buffs” was chosen to most accurately express the type of films the club would be focusing on.

“For a while I was just planning on naming the club ‘The Movie Club,” said Rismondo. “However, I realized that we would be watching primarily older movies, so I wanted to have a name that reflected what types of movies we watch.”

For those interested in joining the Film Buffs, contact Rismondo for more information and request to be added to the email list.

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