New Juniatian - Spring 2017

Mixed Reactions to Juniata’s New Branding

By Jackson Hoch

Juniata College held its brand celebration on January 24, 2017, but the new logo and signature have still been receiving mixed reactions.

The new logo created by Cognitive Marketing, which includes Founders Hall, replaced the prior maple leaf. Juniata’s old signature, “Think. Evolve. Act.” was also replaced by “Think About Who You Are.”

During the branding celebration, students, alumni, staff, and the Huntingdon community celebrated. President James Troha made it clear why the college decided to establish its brand during the celebration. “We want to tell the world, yes the world, about this college, our community, our home, and tell them what we have,” he said.

However, it is now clear that not everyone has shared satisfaction with the brand.
“Not a single person that I know approves of the new motto,” said freshman Eddie Almaraz. “The old motto was more meaningful and the periods in between each part of it forced you to think. This new motto can easily be misinterpreted, and it obviously has been, as not a lot of people are taking it seriously.”

Freshman Courtney Carpenter also disapproved of the new motto but for different reasons. “A lot of my friends think this new motto is depressing because we do not know who we are at this point in our lives,” she said. “Think about who you are is also so generic. It is not going to stand out to students looking at other colleges because it will sound so familiar and overused. The motto lacks individuality.”

Carpenter also disliked Juniata’s new logo that includes Founders Hall. “The tower to me doesn’t look like Founders with this new logo, and I don’t know if it is the best representation of our campus,” she said. “It also looks very similar to other college logos, and it does not stick out. Our old logo, like our old motto, was better because it was so different.”

While some students do not think the new motto is as powerful as the one before, they do not see the change as having that much of a negative effect on students and the campus itself.

“While I liked our old motto more, the new one isn’t bad,” said freshman Allison Fuson. “The new one is still meaningful, and it makes you think about who it is you want to become.”

Sophomore Yanibel Collado said, “Even though I am not the happiest about the new motto, over time, students will accept it, and some do like it.”

Among those who like it is freshman Kirwin Seger. “I like both the new logo and motto a lot,” he said. “I think a lot of time and effort were put into both of them, and both the new and old logos and mottos were good, and they are both different. Change is good.”

Juniata College did put a lot of time, effort, and money into the new logo and motto. A lot of time was put into the brand establishment. “We’ve been at this work ‘branding’ for months, years, and I’d argue if you look back at the history, decades,” said Troha during the brand celebration.

VP of Marketing and Advancement Gabe Welsch during the celebration said, “Our brand is not our logo; it’s the stories people share. More than 4,000 people took surveys and told their stories.” He went on to say that the new motto and logo best represent a shared vision from these stories.

The majority of students interviewed wish that Administration would have included more input from the student body.

“I hope that in the future, before making such a drastic change, they do try to get as many opinions from students,” Fuson said. “This way, not as many students will feel misrepresented or overlooked.”

Whether people like Juniata’s new branding or not, this is what it is. To express your thoughts and to continue this conversation, make sure to comment with your opinion about Juniata’s new logo and motto.

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