Volume 97 Issue 10 Campus Spin

Beverly Kamin looks forward to tackling future goals

by Rachel McCloskey

How many of you are passionate about a language other than English? I suspect that many of you are. Some of you may have learned English as a second language, as you and your family are from another country and culture, while others may have started to learn a language in high school and have never forgotten the joy that it has provided to you over the years. Maybe some of you watched “Dora the Explorer” as a child and fell in love with the cutie speaking Spanish to her woodland friends. Beverly Kamin is most definitely one of those people.

“I have been taking Spanish classes since 2008, my freshman year of high school,” said Beverly. Whilst Beverly was speaking, I could see the fire behind her eyes as she talked about the language she has fallen in love with. I immediately knew what my take was going to be when writing my last “Humans of Juniata” column: Beverly’s passion.

Along with her in-class study of the language, Beverly resides in the Spanish House. “I try to stay as active as possible when it comes to the house. I participate in house meetings, dinners and parties if we happen to host any.”

Along with her interest in the Spanish language and culture, Beverly is passionate about children and their learning. “I hope to become either a preschool teacher or a preschool teaching assistant one day,” Beverly said. She continued to explain to me that she currently has an internship at the Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC), and that she absolutely loves it.

“I assist the teachers with anything they may need. I help with their lesson plans, disciplinary actions they may need to take, maintaining and cleaning the space and providing general support to both the children who attend the ECEC and the teachers who work there,” Beverly said. Last semester, Beverly taught the children a Spanish lesson and a yoga class, and this semester she has taught them a counting lesson. Way to go, Bev!

As I was listening to what Beverly had to say, I understood that she hopes to incorporate the Spanish language into her future career as an educator. “I am from Arlington, Va., the D.C. area, and I live very close to a bilingual preschool,” she said. Beverly expressed that it would be ideal to work in that type of environment. It would be as close to “the best of both worlds” as someone possibly could get, in my opinion.

Along with her passion for both the Spanish language and for the education of little ones, I was moved by Beverly’s warm heart. At the beginning of the interview, I asked Beverly what she considered interesting about herself. “I am very warm hearted, caring, hard working and humorous. I try to be myself, and not to let others influence me,” she said.

Along with her passion for education and Spanish, Beverly is actively involved in Juniata’s radio station. She has been involved with the radio station throughout her four years here, as she has covered issues ranging from politics to ‘80s heavy metal. A wide variety, I know.

“I served as the liberal voice on the show during my sophomore year, and my partner served as the conservative voice,” Beverly told me. As for this year, Beverly has been playing and commentating on ‘80s heavy metal music. “It is something I am extremely passionate about,” she said. This year’s radio show is titled “That ‘80s Show,” as it is named after the famous, “That ’70s Show.” Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and Beverly Kamin! Oh my!

In addition to her participation in the radio show, she has also been an active member of Juniata College’s “Inbound,” which is a program targeted specifically for incoming freshmen. She has served as a peer leader and has worked alongside students, other peer leaders and Juniata faculty and staff.

Beverly will be graduating this spring, as an Education Studies POE, with a secondary emphasis in Spanish. “I am both excited and nervous to leave campus, as I will be starting a brand new chapter in my life,” Beverly said.

Personally, I have watched Beverly work, and she truly is amazing. I most definitely agree with her when she said she is warm hearted.

As I explained to Beverly that I end each of my columns with a quote from the featured student and/or staff member, her eyes lit up. She immediately exclaimed, “Juniata is one of the most accepting places I have ever been to. People here will guide you with open arms and lead you to success.”

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