Volume 97 Issue 9 News

Juniata College’s Major Event replaced by day trips, comedy acts

by Julia Wagner

Major Event that came to Juniata College once every two years will no longer occur. In its place, JAB will be holding smaller, more frequent events and trips for students, which will take place periodically during the school year.

“In the past, we have done one concert every two years and it’s been really hard to find one artist that would suit everyone’s kind of needs, with this, (so) we can kind of split the budget and have multiple smaller scale events where everyone can, hopefully, do something,” said Kelly Reynolds, a student who works for JAB.

“We only had it every two years, so there was that off year where there wasn’t a big thing to do and now with the changes we made to it, instead of doing away with it completely, there is going to be more options for students, so they aren’t bored on the weekends or anything like that,” said Brett Greene, the Advisor of JAB.

Some may wonder why Major Event is being taken away. “One of the main reasons why these changes were made, in a way it was like we were doing a disservice to the students. How Kelly said, if we bring a hip hop artist to campus, maybe one third of the student population listens to hip hop music and likes it, and the other two thirds are like ‘but where did my money go?’” said Greene.

One trip that derived from the decline of Major Event was the trip to Washington DC. Brett and Kelly explained that, this year, they had planned this trip and are planning another one to Pittsburgh. They are also trying to bring in two acts, which are comedy based.

“We are planning on doing another karaoke night and we were just talking about it today, maybe doing a movie night for earth day—probably The Lorax. We will be doing the Finals Blow Out just like we did in the fall,” said Greene.

With all the changes going on at Juniata, some people may not be accepting of another change. “Yeah, we got rid of major event, yeah some people can be unhappy, there’s a lot of change happening here (at Juniata). Not everyone likes change, but we are showing that change can be good,” said Greene, “just because we aren’t bringing a musical guest to campus doesn’t mean we’re not doing. This is your money, we want to do more for you all,”

So far they have scheduled two trips, the first one was a day trip to DC. “It went really well, we originally had 55 students going, and there was such a surplus that we had to rent a second bus, we had like 80 people go I think,” said Greene.

“Everyone got to do what they wanted to do, we didn’t make them stick to a schedule, we just said be back here to be picked up and everything in DC is free, which is good,” said Greene, who attended the trip with JAB, “so they went to the museums, the zoo, all of the different exhibits they have going on, all the different tourist attractions.”

One student who went on the trip had never been to DC before and was rather excited about her first experience, “I think it was a good experience and the fact that it was free was even better,” said Brittaney Meier, a senior.

Meier has been to one major event in her school career and she doesn’t seem to object with the removal of it, “I went to the major event my sophomore year, and I really enjoyed it, but it was very limited; not a lot of people were interested in it and not a lot of people could really partake in the event,” said Meier.

For most of these planned trips, there is a ten-dollar deposit that students will get back when they return. However, there are certain trips that will cost a small fee. “The DC trip was just a ten-dollar deposit, then you got that back on the bus. For the Pirates game, it’s going to be ten dollars per ticket, then when you get the ticket, there is a five-dollar voucher on it that you can use for food or merchandise at the game,” said Greene.

It seems JAB only has the students’ best interest in mind, wanting to set up events that everyone can enjoy and wanting to take feedback to build on it. “We want everyone to enjoy the student life portion of school more, it’s hard to really please everyone, so we kind of have to go into it knowing that, but we are really trying our best to have something everyone can enjoy,” said Reynolds.

“We are here for you, all of the students who are in the executive board of JAB and all of our general members are always saying we are here for the students by the students,” said Greene.

So far, it seems the changes they made are pleasing at least some of the students here at Juniata, “I liked this trip so I’m hoping for maybe local trips, sporting events, going to lakes or something and then maybe game nights on campus. Basically, just a wider variety of options,” said Meir, “I’m excited to see what more they have to offer us.”

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