Volume 97 Issue 6 News

WayUp’s presence grows at Juniata College

by Jacob Novak

WayUp is bringing their company’s service to Juniata’s campus to help students find jobs and internships across the country.

Formerly known as Campus Job, WayUp is used to help college students and recent graduates find internships and entry-level jobs. Nina Boyd, the communications and public relations leader, called WayUp “the largest online marketplace exclusively for college students.”

WayUp is a relatively recent service, established in August 2014. Founders Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman met at the University of Pennsylvania. According to Boyd, they both had job experience in their college years. “Our CEO, Liz, had started a few companies in college where she had to actively recruit college students, and she herself had so much trouble finding students,” said Boyd.

Wessel believed there was a more efficient way to hire. Both Wessel and Fliegelman left their jobs to start their platform. “It started to gain traction like crazy, which brought us to where we are today,” said Boyd. “We have definitely grown very quickly and we have 34 employees now, which is insane because this time last year we had about six.”

The WayUp marketplace is highlighted by the amount of branches the service has. “We are live and have active users at over 3,000 colleges in the U.S.,” Boyd said. “We’re hoping to get all of them soon.”

The campus representative program at WayUp helps establish the organization’s presence in each campus. “We hire and vet every campus representative from each university to be a brand ambassador,” said Boyd. “That’s a really great presence on campus because they are kind of mini-experts about WayUp.”

Christena Lerchen, the brand ambassador at Juniata, became the representative for the College after learning about the company through social media. “It provides a lot of opportunities to get connected with big name companies, like Google, Uber, Disney, Starbucks, Microsoft and thousands more,” said Lerchen. “I think it is really important for people to get active with those companies.”

Many jobs are also listed from close-by locations. “If there is a favorite pizza place on campus, we can work with them to hire waiters and servers and things like that,” Boyd said. “We work with brand names like Google and Uber, but we also like to keep things small scale as well.”

The sales team at WayUp spends their time talking to new companies that are listing jobs. “They will be on the phone all day long and they’ll walk the person through the posting process,” said Boyd. “We always want to tell the students if it’s paid or not, we want to tell them where the location is, the basic requirements of time commitment and things like that.”

The leaders at WayUp are aware some students may still be wary of scams. “We actually have a person whose sole job is to make sure that everything checks out, to make sure it’s a legitimate company,” said Boyd. “I know college students are freaked out by scams, so we definitely do our due diligence to make sure that never happens.”

According to Boyd, trying out WayUp is a quick and inexpensive task for students. “It is completely free for students to use and it always will be. That’s a thing we feel really strongly about,” Boyd said. “All they have to do is sign up with their student e-mail address, create a password and you’re in. It takes about 30 seconds to make an account, which is pretty awesome.”

Despite the ease of use, Juniata’s students are not aware of WayUp. Freshman Joseph Maskell had not heard of WayUp before. “It sounds like it makes it really easy to look for a job after you graduate, and I have trouble finding summer jobs as it is,” said Maskell.

WayUp’s ability to organize and filter jobs could be seen as an attraction. “I’m looking for those things and a streamlined way to find those things would be preferable or nice to have,” said Junior Jonathan Frieswyk.

“I feel like a lot of people, especially coming out of college, are looking for jobs and aren’t able to find them, like they don’t have the resources, or are not having many opportunities shown to them,” said freshman Keitaro Taylor. “I think that’s probably a good way to find opportunities and pursue them, giving you a better chance of getting a job.”

Sophomore Evan Brock identified the how many might see that is service is targeted to older students. “I’d say that all classes should look into it. I feel like, from my personal experience as a freshman, I would not have looked into it,” he said. “But I now, having gone through a year of college, will actually look into it, because I know the timeframe is not as long as I thought originally.”

Visit WayUp at https://www.wayup.com

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