Volume 97 Issue 4 Sports

Swim team works toward goal of successful conference meet

by Alyssa Fasolo

The swim team recently kicked off its season and is working toward its end goal of a successful conference meet.  Head coach Nathan Smith and his athletes are looking for improvement on both the individual and team levels.

So far, the team has not fared as well as they would have liked. They were defeated by Millersville on Oct. 17 and Chatham University on Oct. 31. They lost during a tri-meet that included Scranton and Goucher on Nov. 7. Most recently they were defeated by Kutztown University this past Saturday.

“Our big goal would be to have 100% lifetime bests at our conference championship meet.  I also think we have some swimmers that can make all-Landmark team,” Smith said.

For the younger swimmers especially, reaching this goal means dropping time over the course of the season.

“Last year I came in as a freshman, so I obviously dropped a lot of time, just because it’s hard to switch without dropping a lot of time,” sophomore Elizabeth Hainsworth said.  “This year, my personal goal is to not drop as much time in all my (events), but at least drop a little bit to try to improve.”

Freshman year is an important season for the swimmers because it requires adjusting to competing at the college level.  Many of the team members believe that so far, this year’s freshmen have risen to the challenge.

“Most of them have come in with a pretty good attitude, and they just do their best every single race, and I think they’re seeing a lot of improvement because of it,” senior Tzvia Cahn said.

“A lot of them have stepped up to the challenges that coach has put them (through); he’s put them in some kind of challenging races, and all of them done it with a smile on their face,” Hainsworth said.

For the more experienced upperclassmen, improvement means focusing on fine-tuning technique.

“I’d like to drop time as well, though I think it’s going to take a lot more focus on my technique and race patterns since I’m kind of hitting that plateau point, so I really need to work on specific things in order to improve,” Cahn said.

The team members believe that their success this season will come not only from physical improvement, but also from working together as a team.

“[Another goal is] for the team in general to just be really close and encourage each other,” Cahn said.

For this reason, many team members are especially looking forward to winter break.  The break will give the swimmers a chance not only to improve on their swimming, but also to grow closer as a team.

“Over winter break, the team will take a trip to Florida after Christmas,” Smith said.  “We will be down there for a week training, and we’ll have a meet against someone down there – we don’t know who it’s going to be yet – and then we will be returning to the campus for about two weeks before classes start, so we’ll have a solid three weeks there of training without classes going on.”

“(I’m looking forward to) winter break, because we’re all just together.  We don’t have class, so we spend a lot of time with each other.  We can do fun stuff- we build snowmen, and we went bowling and things last year,” Cahn said.

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