Volume 97 Issue 4 News

Amigos de Guanin Changes

by Beth Hamme

Amigos de Guanin’s event has been changed from being a fashion show and meal, to a talent show and meal, which will take place on November 21, in Baker Refectory at 7 pm.

The founder and president of the club, Amigos de Guanin, and Senior, Shalen Perehenic said, “Amigos de Guanin is a club that fundraises for a community in the Dominican Republic. It’s the same community that we visit on the cultural learning tour every January through the Unity house and the community service office. They go on one big trip in January.”

The money the talent show raises will go toward funding student’s trip to the Dominican Republic in the town of Guanin. Perehinec said, “So, after going on this trip a few times I started a club to raise money for the community [in the Dominican Republic].”

Michael Krowlikowski, a Senior, and the club’s Vice President said, “We have a lot of clubs that signed up, like, we have German club, Russian club, [and] a lot of the Asian groups on campus also signed up to have their food shown.”

Regarding the change from a fashion to talent show, Perehenic said, “Our first big event was the international fashion and food show last year. And because it was so successful we decided that we would do something similar this year, and we changed it from a fashion show to an international talent show and food fair.”

The fashion show was very popular, but one of the reasons for the change was the lack of attention the audience could give to the students showcasing worldly fashions. “People could easily avert their gaze and continue eating or whatever,” said Krowlikowski.

“We loved the fashion show last year; it was great. Everybody had such great acts and was really into it. The only thing is, walking down a runway only takes a few seconds so we had a lot of food but not enough entertainment,” added Perehenic.

The talent show will be introducing an interactive voting system to determine the winner of the show. Krowlikowski explained, “People can vote for their favorite acts by giving donations, and the one with the highest donation will win a prize.”

Twelve different clubs agreed to make food for the cause when the club sent out an email asking for help. Unless there are last minute sign ups there will be ten acts for the talent show from all over the world as well. There are even more clubs that are making food from across the globe to help to with food. Perehenic said, “We have ten acts right now from all over the world.”

The trip to Guanin has been taking place for several years. During the trip, participating students help the community center of Guanin. Perehenic said, “Juniata goes on the Cultural Learning Tour each year to the same community, La Piedra, in the Dominican Republic. Within the community, El Centro Cultural Guanin, Guanin Cultural Center, was founded by Severino Hernandez.  The center provides food and education to the children in the surrounding areas. The name of our club is derived from the name of the community center.”

“When we get there in January, we will be digging a well for 150 families. We have the money to cover that already.” Perehinec said.

“All the funds from the spring semester go directly to what the community is working on” Perehenic said. Last year, the club planted a garden with the money. This year, if enough money is raised, they are considering adding another project, along with the well, to their trip.

This trip has been, and will continue to be very beneficial to the community of Guanin. The club is encouraging students to take part in the talent show, and donate what they can to the worthy cause.  


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