Volume 97 Issue 3 A&E

Stone Town Gallery, the place to be

by Angela Dougherty

Stone Town Gallery is one of the most unique restaurants I have ever been to. This is because of the comfortable atmosphere, artsy setup and unique food options.

The entire store, as the name states, is set up with many types of art, books, furniture and crafts from Huntingdon’s local artists and possibly from those beyond the area. Paintings, masks, artwork, lotions, jewelry, you name it. The atmosphere is very social and family-like.

Relaxing jazz and waltz music comforted the atmosphere when I dined here, but I would not have minded some pop music as well. I would recommend going with others if you do not go in solely to browse the gallery and shop, since it is a very social place. However, do not fret if you are alone.

Towards the back, where the bar and kitchen are, you will notice a selection of fresh baked goods such as pies, cakes, cookies and scones, varying with flavor by season. If you do not eat in, you can always browse the gallery and grab a scone or slice of cake to go and try dining in next time.

Crêpes are the most unique thing I spotted on the menu, so you certainly can believe that is what I ordered. Crêpes are really quite hard to find around here, so it was a nice surprise. I ordered a maple syrup one. There was emphasis on the maple syrup that the poor paper-thin pancake was drowned in, making the delicious preparation lose some of its light flavor and simple elegance. I would ask for the syrup on the side next time; perhaps I should have thought of that before I was forced to consume more sugar than was necessary.

However, it was like being back in France for the five short minutes the meal lasted on my plate. The guest I went with ordered French toast and potatoes, both of which had really good flavor. I am the type who always need to sample my guest’s food at restaurants!

Other fun menu options are salad and half sandwiches, or half a crepe and sandwich. Soups, fancy salads, Paninis, seasonal options, crêpes and classic sandwiches or wraps are available here in addition to a breakfast menu with the option of peanut butter, Nutella or cream cheese stuffed French toast. Who would not want to try a bite of that deliciousness? If the sound does not catch your attention, I do not know what will… perhaps the crêpes. The crêpe choices include sweet or non-sweet, such as fruit and yogurt, veggies and cheese, chicken cordon bleu, breakfast style, banana and chocolate – the list continues. These are some unique options that you cannot find at many other restaurants in the area, if any at all, until you get to State College.

There are gluten-free choices available for a small upcharge as well as several beverage choices like lemonade, tea, juice, soy milk, or fancier coffee choices, such as a caramel macchiato or hot chocolate. For a non-coffee shop, these are impressive selections to find and are especially nice choices to have for the fall and winter months. You could just swing by the gallery and have a social outing for coffee. You will not be bored waiting for your food because there are many other things to look at or people to meet. The preparation time and service is speedy, yet relaxed.

The space itself is pretty intimate, so I suspect the area would be fun to rent out for private parties or to take a large group to for a birthday party type of event. The venue would be great for holiday-themed events, concerts, hot chocolate and Christmas songs or a day-time auction of some of the artists’ inventory might be fun.

This café could benefit from having more advertising, especially about their weekly events such as the musicians who will be playing and specific times or RSVP notices. On their menu you can pick up at the café, you will see they are open daily and have live music and serve dinner Friday evenings. There is an outdoor patio in the back with a porch or indoor seating. It is a small location that should not be missed, located at 511 Washington Street. It is apparent from observing Stone Town Gallery’s patrons that the people who enter are comfortable and able to be freely social. I guarantee you will want to give this place a try.

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